Retired Dory Out Of The Blue

Available to view at our Bedford boutique.

Size:  8" x 10"
Artist:  Janice Guinan
Province:  Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Blueberry Ink on Paper, framed

This is an original ink painting made from Nova Scotia Blueberries. 

Ink has been used for drawing for centuries since ancient times. Inks were made using the natural dyes and colours derived from berries, plants and minerals. Nova Scotia produces about 20 million pounds of blueberries each year and exports them to 30 different countries. Out of the Blue, Janice has created paintings using ink derived from the finest Nova Scotia blueberries. The colour of blueberry ink changes from a light purplish pink to indigo as it oxidizes. 

All ink paintings have been sealed with UV archival varnish.