Abundance 5

Available to view at our Hydrostone location.

Artist: Kimberley Eddy
Medium: Mixed media resin on birch
Size:  24" x 20"
Province: Nova Scotia

This mixed media resin painting is part of the Abundance Series.

In this series, dive beneath the surface of the ocean to explore the peaceful, yet vibrant world that exists within the coral reef at night. When the sun goes down the coral itself wakes up and is the epicentre of a rich synergetic ecosystem. A world replete with life and abundance.

In these underwater abstract pieces, fluidity and movement are shown in a rich vibrant palette set against the deepest indigo blue. If you look closely, you may see lionfish, shellfish and other creatures who live within the depths. Each piece has a super high gloss resin finish.

This work is painted on cradled birch. The painting continues around the edges. This painting has been professionally finished and is ready to hang on your wall.

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